N2OO Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)

Bob, N2OO, is the QSL manager for over 100 DX stations and DXpeditions. See the table below. You can QSL the old fashioned way too! For full information on all ways for QSLing via N2OO, please visit Bob's QSL information page. If you have worked one or more of these DX stations and still need QSLs we offer you an Online QSL Request Form to request your QSL(s). You can request more than one QSL at one time. Your QSL card(s) are automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau. You do not need to send us your card!

Direct QSL Service
For a minimum payment of 3 US$ or 3 Euro we will send your QSL cards directly to you. Why bother with mailing direct? The N2OO OQRS is easy and reasonable. We have arranged so that you can make your payment to the N2OO QSL Mailing Service via PayPal.
It's easy, secure and you can contribute with a major credit card. And, you don't even have to have a PayPal account to do so! You can choose US$ or Euro. Follow the directions, it's easy!

Bureau QSL Service
You can also request cards through the bureau. Your cards will automatically be sent. No payment is necessary.

How does the Online QSL Request work?
Your first choice at the bottom of this page is whether you want to receive your QSL cards automatically via the bureau or automatically mailed directly to you. For both services you need to enter your callsign, all QSOs you have had with the DX stations and optional comments. Enter your QSL request for all your QSOs only once.

If you choose the Direct QSL Service you also need to enter your mailing address and finally make the PayPal payment. After we get a payment confirmation from PayPal we print the address label and the QSL and we mail it directly to you in a reasonable amount of time.

When using the Online QSL Request Service, do not send any further cards via the bureau or direct! This means extra, unnecessary work for us.

You can request QSLs now for the following stations. Please pay attention to the notes below before your request.
Call Entity Notes
1S0XV Spratly April-May 1990 ONLY
1S1RR Spratly May 11-12, 1990 ONLY
3B8FP Mauritius 1987-1989 and after 10/24/2011 ONLY
3D2RK Fiji 2000& 2003 only
9M0S Spratly 1993 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9M6BQ East Malaysia 1991 only
9M6CT East Malaysia all
9M6MU East Malaysia all
9M6OO East Malaysia 1989 and 1990 only, For 1991+2003=East Malaysia and 1997-1999=Spratly, For 9M6OO please use https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/9M6OO and 9M6OO-SPRATLY is https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/9M6OO-SPRATLY
9M6US/0 Spratly starting 1999
BW4/N2OO Taiwan
CE0Z Juan Fernandez 2006 only
CE9/N2WB South Shetland Islands
CO6AP Cuba I now have ALL logs from Nov 7, 1994 and getting timely updates. TNX
CR7DKG Portugal
CT1DKG Portugal
ET3SID ETHIOPIA ONLY Dec 8-13, 2011 DXpedition by K3LP and team. All other ET3SID logs were lost after ET3SID became SK
F/N2WB France
FB8WJ Crozet 1980's
FG/N2WB Guadeloupe Oct 2000
G3BXN Great Britain May 1947 thru October 1952 ONLY!!
HB0/N2WB Liechtenstein
HH4/N2WB Haiti March 2003
HK0/N2WB San Andres Oct 2003
HK1MW/HK0M Malpelo MALPELO ONLY: January 2012 ONLY, for ALL other HK1MW go to club log https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/hk1mw
HK1N/HK0M Malpelo January 2012 ONLY
HK1T/HK0M Malpelo January 2012 ONLY
HK3/N2WB COLUMBIA No logs yet, QRX.
HK6F/HK0M Malpelo January 2012 ONLY
HR5/N2WB Honduras
HS0/G4JMB Thailand
IS0/N2WB Sardinia
J40AA Greece 1980's and 1990's
J40AA/5 Dodecanese
J68WB St. Lucia (SSB Oct 26-29, 1999)
J73D Dominica Old operation
J79WB Dominica 2001
JW0GB SVALBARD Dates only: 17-AUGUST-1990 through 7-MARCH-1992
JY1 JORDAN King Hussein 1970-1996. I suggest sending me an email with your log data first to n2oo@arrl.net
K6K/MM Maritime Mobile Feb-March 2013 ONLY on the way to Clipperton! (QRX for cards and logs)
KF2BQ/3 USA NA-139 Assateaque Island MD
KF2BQ/P USA NA-111 Long Beach Island NJ
KG4QQ Guantanamo Bay 10/22 - 28, 1991 ONLY
KG4WB Guantanamo Bay 1999 by N2WB sorry NO RTTY LOG
KH6/KF2BQ Hawaii
KH6/N2OO Hawaii
KH8/KK6H American Samoa 2007-2008 only
KP2/KF2BQ US Virgin Islands
KP2/N2OO US Virgin Islands
KP2A/D DESECHEO 1981 OPERATION ONLY. Previous QSL Manager AF2C is SK. I have backup logs.
KP2A/KP1 Navassa 1982 ONLY
LU/N2WB Argentina
N2OB USA Old Barney ARC operations including all FD and NA-111
N2OB/150 USA 150th anniversary Barnegat Lighthouse
N2OB/40 USA 40th Anniversary Old Barney ARC
N2OO USA All operations from HOME! :-)
N2OO/3 USA NA-139 Assateague Island MD
N2OO/P USA NA-111 Long Beach Island NJ
N2OO/SV1 Greece
N2OO/SV5 Dodecanese
OE/N2WB Austria
PJ0MM Netherland Antilles old operation (1960's)
PJ4/N2WB Netherland Antilles
PJ9Q Bonaire October 25-26, 1997 ONLY
RU2RCU Russia 1980 only
S21GM Bangladesh 1981 only
S79KMB Seychelles 1991-1999 only
ST2/G4OJW Sudan Sept-Oct 1993 only
SV0AA Greece 1979-2000
SV0AA/5 Dodecanese 1980's and 1990's
SV0AA/9 Crete 1980's and 1990's
SV0AB Greece 1989/90 only
SV5/N2OO Dodecanese 1989 & 1990
SW0AA Greece 1980's and 1990's
SX5AA Dodecanese 1990 only
TO0R/MM - 1997 only
TR8IG Gabon Dec 1, 1984 thru Nov 16, 1985 ONLY!
TU4AV Ivory Coast July 5-8, 1980 only
TY9ER Benin July 10-14, 1980 only
V47QQ St. Kitts, Leeward Islands October 26- Dec 1, 1989 ONLY
V85AA Brunei Nov 19, 1999, 0745-0815 UTC ONLY!!
V85MS Brunei 1980's only
V85OM Brunei 1990 only... for V85OO go to Club Log https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/v85oo
V85US Brunei ONLY AFTER 2010! BEFORE 2010 VIA K9US
V8USA Brunei Nov 1999 only
VE3HD/C6A Bahamas Dec 1980 thru January 1981 ONLY!
VP2DD Dominica Old operation
VP2DXF Dominica 1970?s operation
VP2LGA St.Lucia 1970's operation
VP2MU Montserrat Feb 1966 THRU April 1981 ONLY!
VP2MW Montserrat Jan 1976 thru Aug 1982 ONLY!
VP2MWB Montserrat
VP5W Turks & Caicos ONLY 2004 thru 2009. for 2017 QSL via KD3TB
VP8CBC Falkland Islands
VP8CRB Falkland Islands Dec 1994 only (1998-1999 via K4QD)
VP8CRC Falkland Islands
VP8SGP South Georgia
VS5GM Brunei 1980 only
VS5KV Brunei 1979-1980 only
VS5MS Brunei 1979-1984 only
VS5OO Brunei 1979-1980 only
VS6/KF2BQ Hong Kong 1991
VS6/N2OO Hong Kong 1991
VS6AK Hong Kong March 1979 only
VS6CZ Hong Kong June 3-7, 1980 only
VS6VO Hong Kong August 24-27, 1991 only
VS9AJM ADEN June - Sept, 1967 only
W1K USA Dec 1999 & Jan 2000 only
W2T USA Aug 18-21, 2000, Aug 17-20, 2001, Aug 2-5, 2002, Aug 16-17, 2003,
Aug 21-22, 2004, Aug 20-21, 2005, Aug 18, 2007
Aug 16-17, 2008, Aug 15, 2009, August 21-22, 2010, Aug 13, 2011,
Aug 18, 2012, Aug 6, 2016, Aug 19, 2017 only
W7LPF/DU2 Philippines
WA4QDE/DU2 Philippines
WB2RJJ USA My OLD call MANY MANY years ago!
WD4KMD/DU2 Philippines
XR9A South Shetland 2006 only
XR9A/8 Chile 2006 only
XR9A/MM - 2006 only
XX9AF Macau 1989 (via K8CW but I have logs too)
XX9IS Macau 1989 (via K8CW but I have logs too)
XX9JG Macau 1989 only
XX9OO Macau 1989 only
YB0US Indonesia all
ZD8TC Ascension Island early 80's only! No logs before 1980.
ZL3/N2WB New Zealand
ZL3HI/C Chatham Island Chatham Island (1978 only)

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