Online QSL Request Services (OQRS)


We introduced the first Online QSL Request System (OQRS) for the Sudan ST0RY DXpedition in March 2003. The idea was born by DXpedition leader Chris, DL5NAM and developed by Bernd, DF3CB. You could enter your QSO data with ST0RY in an online form to request ST0RY QSL cards sent to you automatically via the QSL Bureau. This saved time and reduced the QSL bureau workload.

OQRS - later called Online QSL Request Service - was further developed with new ideas and functions by Bernd, DF3CB and Chris, DL1MGB for DXpeditions like record-breaking Ducie Island DXpedition VP6DX, VK9DNX Norfolk Island 2007, VK9DWX Willis Island 2008, K5D Desecheo Island 2009 or HK0NA Malepelo 2012. The online forms were extended to handle requests for direct QSL cards. The user can enter his mailing address and pays for the service with a minimum payment handled online by PayPal. After the QSL manager gets a payment confirmation from PayPal he prints the address label and the QSL and mails it directly to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Beside ST0RY and VK9DNX we hosted the K5D and HK0NA OQRS at The K5D OQRS was replaced by the QSL manager's OQRS of N2OO. Bob, N2OO, is the QSL manager for over 100 DX stations and DXpeditions. You can request more than one QSL at one time.

OQRS currently hosted at

N2OO Online QSL Request Service - Bob, N2OO, is the QSL manager for HK0NA (Malpelo DXpedition 2012), K5D (Desecheo) and over 100 other DX stations and DXpeditions